I can create a persuasive presentation for you, one that reflects
your distinctive voice and message and engages your target
audience. I can also work on the delivery of your speech,
identifying your strengths, building confidence,
and providing counsel on areas of your performance
that warrant enhancement.

I have written remarks for a range of notable speakers in a variety of settings,
including President Bill Clinton; Nobel-prize-winning scientist George Olah; USC
President Emeritus Steven B. Sample; and comedian Steve Allen.

I have coached thousands of public speaking students in colleges in the U.S. and
Canada over a twenty-year period, developing their confidence and helping them
discover their authentic voice.

I served as a speechwriter for the President of the University of Southern California - - as well
as other University trustees and senior executives -- preparing more than 80 speeches annually
for a wide variety of audiences for a number of years.